Ellipal Titan Vs Ledger Nano X: Your Best Option

When you need to keep your assets safe, it is best to invest in the best hardware wallet in the market. But, choosing just one of the many in the market proves to be a daunting task, which is why we recommend two wallets we found to be safe. In this Ellipan Titan vs. Ledger Nano X comparison, we will tell you which option is better. 

Ellipal Titan and Ledger Nano X At a Glance

When we talk about the best crypto wallets, we refer to options that keep your investment as far away as possible from hackers and unwanted parties. In the past, crypto wallets have been hacked, and investors lost millions of crypto. The primary rationale for this is that fraudulent people can gain access to cryptocurrencies if they can find passwords to accounts and blockchains. 

Now, as you know, there are several types of crypto wallets, including hardware, software, mobile, paper, and desktop wallets. When choosing a wallet, you will want to look for either hot or cold crypto storage. Wallets that offer hot storage store your data online, while those that offer cold storage store your data offline. Comparing these two types of storage, cold storage is the better option.

With cold storage, the wallet stores public and private keys to your blockchain in a physical device. Then, depending on the device’s design, you can access your blockchain address by connecting the wallet to your computer or mobile phone through a wired or wireless connection. 

With this information in mind, how do our two wallet recommendations guarantee better crypto security? 

A) The Ellipal Titan

ellipal titan vs ledger nano x - Ellipal interface
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The Ellipal Titan wallet was created in 2019 to offer the best security in the crypto wallet industry. It is one of the best hardware and cold storage wallets you can use for several reasons.

Firstly, Ellipal Titan is available to over 140 countries, allowing users to transact and track over 10 000 cryptocurrency assets like coins and tokens. Some of the biggest assets whose keys you can store in the wallet include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot, and more. 

Secondly, the Ellipal Titan wallet offers the best security measures of most wallets because it is air-gapped. The air-gapped design means the wallet does not connect to any device, including your laptop or smartphone, through a wired or wireless connection. Instead, the hard wallet uses QR codes that you scan with the wallet and your smartphone to complete any crypto transaction process. 

With the air-gapped design, the Ellipal Titan obviously comes with physical features you cannot get in other hardware wallets. When unboxing, you will notice it looks more like a smartphone compared to other wallets that look like thumb drives. The Ellipal Titan has a 3.97-inch LCD touchscreen and a 5MP camera at the back. 

These two features make it easy to capture and scan QR codes. In addition, the large display is ideal for mitigating mistakes when setting up your wallet, a process that includes setting a wallet PIN and a 12-word account recovery seed phrase. 

The Ellipal Titan is a wallet you should absolutely invest in for these and more reasons, as we will tell you when sharing more design and security features below. 

B) The Ledger Nano X

ellipal titan vs ledger nano x comparison
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The Ledger Nano X wallet was released in 2019 by the Ledger company. Ledger is one of the oldest hard wallet-making companies, so you can trust this wallet’s design and security features that aim to keep your investment safe.

The wallet looks like a USB stick and connects to your laptop or mobile device via a wired or wireless connection. The hardware wallet supports over 100 applications like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and more. In addition, the Ledger Nano X supports over 5500 crypto assets, including tokens and NFTs, and is available in many countries, having been used by over 4 million people since creation. 

Though physically smaller than the Ellipal Titan, the wallet has very good security features. When you get yours, you will need to set a 4 or 8-word wallet PIN and then set a 12-word recovery phrase, plus another optional 24-word seed phrase when you want to store more applications. 

We recommend using the Ledger Nano X since it has enough storage to support your entire crypto portfolio and comes from one of the oldest and most reputable companies. 

Read on as we share some of Nano X’s best features compared to the Ellipal Titan wallet below. 

Ellipal Titan Vs. Ledger Nano X Wallets

Before buying any or both of these crypto hardware wallets, we want to provide you with the most intimate details about the privacy, security, and design of each. These are the most important features we tested to help you decide which wallet is the best overall. 

A) Privacy

You need a crypto wallet because it stores your keys. As you know, your crypto, like Bitcoins, are stored on the blockchain even though you technically own them. The work of your wallet is to store keys that you use to access or adjust your crypto, so you get the private key you use as a private password to your public key. The public key is an address assigned to your crypto on the blockchain and one you can use to receive or send crypto. 

When choosing one wallet between the Ellipal Titan and the Ledger Nano X, it is important to understand how your keys are kept safe. Since they are hardware wallets, each will store your keys offline and safely, especially when you store your device properly. 

Still, the two are physical devices that need to protect your keys even when they are accessed by third parties. So, how do they guarantee the best privacy?

ellipal titan vs ledger nano x review
Image source: ellipal.com

When setting up your Ellipal Titan wallet, you need to create an account, then protect the wallet with an unlocking PIN or pattern and a 12-word mnemonic phrase. The latter is ideal if you lose your wallet since you can use it to recover your keys on a new wallet. 

On the other hand, the Ledger Nano X also allows you to set a 4 or 8-digit PIN plus a 24-word seed phrase for recovering your account if the need arises. In addition, the Ledger Nano X also allows you to create a secondary 24-word backup phrase so you can create a separate crypto portfolio, a feature that is endearing to the most advanced crypto investors. 

When comparing the unlocking feature, we found it easy to restore your account if you forgot the unlocking PINs for both wallets. For the Ellipal Titan wallet, you get to enter your PIN several times before the anti-tamper feature of the wallet eases all wallet data, including your keys and accounts. However, you can use the 12-word mnemonic phrase to restore your wallet account on a new Ellipal wallet. 

On the other hand, the Ledger Nano X wallet allows only three PIN attempts, after which the wallet erases all data, including your blockchain keys. However, you can also use your seed phrase to recover your account and set it up on a new wallet. 

B) Transactions

The next feature we compared between the two wallets is transaction security. While both wallets have excellent cold storage features once you set up the PINs and seed phrases, we found the Ellipal Titan wallet to offer better security when completing transactions.

The Ellipal Titan is an air-gapped wallet, so you cannot compromise your crypto transaction externally at any stage. Instead of a wired or wireless connection, the wallet uses QR codes to communicate with your smartphone. It comes with a 5MP camera at the back that scans QR codes on your smartphone, and its 3.97-inch LCD screen also shares QR codes you can scan with your smartphone to complete different transactions. 

On top of scanning the QR codes, you will also need to enter your PIN on the wallet to confirm a transaction. 

The Ledger Nano X is not air-gapped, but it also offers very reliable security since it stores your keys on a secure element chip, separately from other data. This storage protects your keys from malware attacks if you connect the wallet to compromised devices. 

Then, you will need to connect the Nano X to your second device, either a PC through the included USB cable or to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. The connectivity makes it easier to complete transactions faster compared to the Ellipal Titan. In addition, you will also have to finalize all transactions physically through the wallet buttons. 

C) Design

When buying crypto wallets, the design often determines how secure a wallet option is. We found the same evidence when examining the Ellipal Titan and the Ledger Nano X.

The Ledger Nano X is a relatively small wallet with a 128×64 display. The display allows easier transaction verifications, plus the overall ease of use of the hardware wallet. 

On the contrary, the Ellipal Titan has a much larger display that makes transactions and different selections very easy. While the touchscreen is not as efficient as what you get from a smartphone, it is the better option of the two wallets. 

The other design feature we examined is body construction. We found the Ellipal Titan body, made of aluminum alloy, better than the plastic and brushed stainless steel body of the Nano X. 

The aluminum alloy construction is more durable and gives the Ellipal Titan an anti-assemble design, so one cannot open the wallet to hack or install malware without leaving visible marks. 

Buttons on hardware wallets make transactions easier, especially when connected to another device. For example, the Ledger Nano X has two buttons on the body that allow you to navigate various transaction steps, especially since the wallet lacks a touchscreen display. On the flip side, the Ellipal Titan has one button for powering on, and you will not need it for transactions, thanks to the larger touchscreen display. 

In both design instances, we recommend the Ellipal Titan more than the Ledger Nano X because of easily verifiable transactions and the better body construction. 

D) Compatibility

You can use the best hardware wallet with several devices to complete transactions more conveniently. 

While the Ellipal Titan can only connect to a smartphone, the Ledger Nano X can connect to smartphones and PCs. Thus, the latter offers better convenience in this regard. 

The other type of compatibility we examined allows you to use your wallet on the best cryptocurrency exchanges. You can connect your Ellipal Titan and Ledger Nano X with your preferred exchange, including Paybis, Binance, Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, Crypto.Com, and others. 

E) Supported cryptocurrencies

A good hardware wallet can support a large portfolio. The more assets it can support, the better an investment it is since you can grow your crypto business with it. 

Both wallets support many cryptocurrency assets, including coins, tokens, and NFTs. The Ellipal Titan has enough storage for over 10 000 assets, while the Ledger Nano X can support over 5500 assets. 

In addition, both wallets allow you to expand your crypto portfolio by offering more storage. The Ellipal Titan comes with an extra SD card that allows you to hodl more assets, while the Nano X allows you to create an extra hodling account for the assets you don’t transact regularly. The latter allows you to set a 24-word seed phrase to separate your extra portfolio from the main account. 

F) Portability

Crypto is a highly volatile industry where asset values change abruptly because of different dynamics like FUDs and competition. So, it is best to have a wallet that can let you buy or transfer assets on the fly, meaning you need a portable wallet. 

While both Ellipal Titan and Ledger Nano X wallets are portable, you might find the former quite bulky since it looks and feels like a smartphone. On the other hand, the Nano X is smaller and thus more portable. 

G) Availability

When buying a wallet, it is also good to understand where you can use it. Both wallets are available in the USA, while the Ellipal Titan, unlike the Ledger Nano X, also specifies availability in over 140 countries. Thus, the Ellipal Titan may be a better option if you travel a lot as long as you use it with a crypto exchange platform you can also access when traveling. If you cannot access your exchange in some parts of the world, you can use the best crypto VPN to transact anonymously.

H) Mobile Apps

Since both hardware wallets are mobile compatible, we also tested the apps you need to have. The Ellipal App and the Ledger Live App are easy to download on Android and iOS phones. The apps support many coins, tokens, and NFTs. 

However, we found the Ledger Live app, which is also available for desktops, to offer more features compared to the Ellipal App. For instance, the app allows you to access many Web3 apps like Paraswap, Zerion, and Lido, a feature not yet available on Ellipal. 

I) Price

The last thing we compared between these two wallets is the price. Both are shipped in clean packages containing a wallet, seed phrase cards, necessary cables, and manuals. In addition, both are rechargeable and can last anywhere from several hours to months on a full charge, depending on how frequently you transact. 

Both are premium wallets and, in our judgment, the best options on the market. The Ellipal Titan retails at around $139, while the Ledger Nano X is a bit more expensive at around $159. 

Takeaway: Why You Should Use the Ellipal Titan Wallet

After comparing the two wallets and finding them very safe and reliable for long-term cryptocurrency investment, here are a few reasons why we recommend the Ellipal Titan more than the Ledger Nano X:

  1. It is an air-gapped wallet that is isolated from the outside world. As such, the wallet is never exposed to online hackers. 
  2. It is easier to set up. The Ellipal Titan has a large touchscreen display that makes setting your PIN and seed phrase easier compared to Nano X’s process, which requires a connection to a different device. 
  3. The Ellipal wallet is available in over 140 countries, thus ideal if you travel quite often. You still need to ensure your crypto exchange is supported in your destination country. 
  4. It looks and feels sturdier. As mentioned above, the Ellipal Titan has an aluminum alloy body that withstands more physical abuse than the Ledger Nano X’s plastic and brushed steel body. 
  5. It supports more crypto. The Ellipal Titan supports more than 10 000 cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets compared to the Nano X’s 5500. 

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