Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers For Your Assets 

The world of crypto has experienced massive growth over the last few years, bringing forth thousands of new coins and tokens. Many smart crypto investors have chosen to diversify their crypto assets by trying other coins in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the world’s two most common coins. If you have invested in more than one form of crypto, you need the best crypto portfolio trackers to view and monitor your assets.

Thankfully, most portfolio trackers allow you to track your crypto investments seamlessly in a single window. These platforms are specially built for crypto investors. They allow you to view and monitor your crypto along with additional features to help you make informed decisions, such as real-time price adjustments.

What is a crypto portfolio tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is a software application designed to help crypto investors with a widely spread-out portfolio track all their investments and transactions on their smartphone or personal computer. These apps have additional features like exchange API integration to automate the value tracking process for every coin. 

Since crypto traders hope to make money by selling and buying the right asset at the right time, the best crypto portfolio tracker should help bring all their investments to one interface as the cryptocurrency market is widely fragmented. If this sounds like the kind of software you need to make your trading activity much more seamless, read on to find excellent crypto portfolio trackers.

Here are the best trackers to use today:

1. Blockfolio

Many experts have termed Blockfolio the gold standard of all crypto portfolio tracking software. This app is the most successful and popular among traders. Blockfolio ventured into the market in 2014 and has grown today to accommodate over 10,000 crypto assets and 500 exchanges globally.

Blockfolio is most famous for its clutter-free interface and longevity. It also allows traders to customize its homepage so that you can view only the details that matter the most. This customization prevents you from scrolling through thousands of coins to obtain the most vital information. 

Its Blockfolio Signal gives you breaking news regarding the state of any crypto asset as soon as it occurs, thus allowing you to make decisions and trades quickly. Even better, you can trade for free within the app. You can also customize Blockfolio’s news section to push the news that is relevant to your portfolio.

2. CoinStats

Another popular alternative to Blockfolio would be CoinStats, a reliable platform with most of Blockfolio’s features, like the news section customization and a vast range of crypto-asset support. An important feature of CoinStats would be its increased focus on the Ethereum ecosystem. 

With this app, you can monitor your assets in your MetaMask wallet. It offers charts that show the growth of each of your assets or the whole portfolio and heatmaps that distinguish between the most profitable or loss-causing coins, exchanges, and much more.

CoinStats does not have a free version, but its several premium pricing tiers afford you different features. For example, with CoinStats’ Pro,’ you can add 10 exchange accounts, track 10 wallets, facilitate 1,000 transactions, and gain access to Coin Insights, a feature that offers various crypto-asset statistics. 

CoinStats’ Premium’ is another tier that offers greater value compared to the ‘Pro’ option, and the Coinstats’ Community’ allows communities with as many as ten members to use. CoinStats is available on iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

3. CoinTracker

CoinTracker is another heavy-duty portfolio investment tracker supporting over 300 exchanges and 10,000 cryptocurrencies. With this app, you can import your transactions using a CSV file. The info it offers includes real-time market value for your assets, tax-loss harvesting, and daily portfolio updates. If you are new to today’s cryptocurrency industry, you can try their free option and integrate 5 wallets before you pay and obtain more features.

4. The Crypto App

The Crypto App is a smartphone-only but highly recommended crypto portfolio tracker. It integrates the most popular exchanges and blockchain wallets. Its most popular feature would be its widgets that keep you informed on the go without opening the app.

This app has a premium version and an ad-supported free version with limited features. The premium version only has a single payment and offers you a chance to add unlimited exchanges and wallets, plus more widgets, homepage customization, ad-free interfaces, and live info from over 200 exchanges.

5. Delta App

Delta App was released in 2017 specifically for newer traders. This app is a better fit for you if you are buying your first crypto asset. Delta has a beta desktop version that you can use, but it is available on Android and iOS. 

Delta App has an easy-to-understand interface and plenty of features in its free version, such as allowing users to track stocks, crypto-assets, and currencies all on one platform and analyze their transaction history. However, it only lets you add two exchange platforms. The premium version lets you add as many exchanges as you need and shows your good and bad investment choices, free breakdown, etc.

As soon as you are comfortable and better versed with the crypto world, you can transition to a crypto portfolio tracker like Blockfolio, which should offer much more features. However, Delta App is an excellent choice if your investments go beyond crypto and include stocks, EFTs, bonds, etc.

6. Altpocket

Altpocket stands out from the other platforms because it brings a social aspect to the crypto trading world: the ability to chat with other traders. This app lets you view the profiles of other traders before you chat with them. 

In addition to interaction with other users, Altpocket is integrated with plenty of popular exchanges and crypto assets, and you can view your portfolio on your laptop or smartphone. Like Delta, Altpocket ventured into the market in 2017 but garnered plenty of users who wanted to interact with other traders.

7. CoinGecko

If you transact less frequently, CoinGecko is the app for you. Additionally, if you want the less automated version of things, CoinGecko lets you input your transactions and ensure all the details are correct. Its lack of API entries makes it less popular, but it keeps your investments private. 

What’s more, CoinGecko lets you input trial transactions and make your transaction decisions based on actual predictions. This app does not have as many features as would be required by a frequent trader, but it is absolutely free. It is one of the few free crypto portfolio tracking apps that allow investors to add multiple portfolios and obtain gains and loss information.

How do crypto portfolio trackers work?

Crypto portfolio trackers work by automating the process of tracking the value of every trade you make rather than having to use a spreadsheet. They also analyze your past trades involving multiple exchanges and crypto-assets. 

You can personalize it to get the information you need, such as a certain trade on a certain day, using a few clicks. To increase the level of automation, crypto portfolio trackers integrate with these exchanges and crypto assets to add your trades as soon as you make them and produce a simple-to-interpret graph. 

These applications make it easier for you to trace every loss or gain made among your investments.

Are crypto portfolio trackers safe?

Yes. However, since you will need to integrate your non-custodial crypto wallets and exchange accounts, there are ways to limit what the software can do with your crypto funds. 

Some traders give the software full access to their exchange wallets, but for your safety, consider using these software applications in view-only mode and use a crypto VPN while trading. This mode lets your software view your crypto portfolio but not send any of it anywhere.

Which Are the Features Should Look for In a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

These will depend on what you need the most from the tracker. You can try using several apps until you find the one that fits your needs best, but here are the best features to look out for:

a) Automation

Automation is the biggest function of a portfolio tracker app. At times, you may have to input some transactions, which will happen if the software is not integrated with your specific exchange, coin, or wallet. To get as much automation as possible from your crypto portfolio tracker, choose one that is integrated with all the best exchanges and popular wallets and coins.

b) Personalization

Another key feature of a crypto portfolio tracker is personalization since they offer information for all kinds of users as well as crypto assets. Different crypto traders also assign different weights to different assets depending on what share they have in their portfolio. 

The right software should allow you to edit its homepage to get information and updates regarding only the coins, exchanges, and wallets that matter most to you.

c) Information

Information is critical to your decisions, such as buying, hodling, and selling assets in the cryptocurrency market. Your crypto portfolio tracking software should thus offer access to the latest developments and news in the market as soon as possible. Every second counts, especially for active traders, so choose an app whose information section is highly reliable.

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