Ellipal Titan Vs KeepKey: Which Cold Wallet Is Best?

As you invest in cryptocurrency, you need to protect your entire portfolio from hackers and fraudsters. For many investors, buying the best hardware wallet is the most effective way to keep crypto safe. This is because a hardware wallet keeps your investment offline, thus making it impossible for hackers to access. 

Do you need the best crypto wallet for your entire crypto portfolio? The Ellipal Titan and KeepKey wallets are some of the best in the industry. If you want to get one of these, this Ellipal Titan vs. KeepKey hardware wallet comparison will help you decide. 

Ellipal Titan and KeepKey at a Glance

As you know, crypto hardware wallets are the best options for your crypto investment. A crypto wallet is any software that stores your cryptocurrency keys. These wallets store two types of keys; the public key, which is an address to your crypto on the blockchain, and a private key which only you should use to access the blockchain. A hardware wallet resembles a USB stick or smartphone and is designed as such to make it portable nd easy to store in a physical space.

You can plug or connect your hardware wallet only when you need to make transactions. But, while hardware wallets are the safest options compared to software, mobile, desktop, and paper wallets, there are a number on the market, each with distinctive features that set them apart. 

As you look for the best wallets, we recommend using either the Ellipal Titan or the KeepKey wallet. While these are newer in the market, especially compared to options from Ledger and Trezor, they come with some of the best security and operational features. Before looking at the wallet features, here is aquick glance at each wallet. 

a) Ellipal Titan

ellipal titan vs keepkey: ellipal titan in use

The Ellipal Titan wallet is sold by the Ellipal company, founded in 2018 by two encryption technology experts. After founding the company in 2018 and gathering enough angel financing, the pair came up with the proposal to create the most secure cryptocurrency wallet, after which they created the Ellipal Titan in 2019. 

Unlike all other hardware wallets in the market, Ellipal Titan is the most secure wallet owing to its design, making it our best recommendation compared to the KeepKey wallet. Ellipal Titan is an air-gapped cold wallet, meaning it does not connect to any other device through a wired or wireless connection. 

Since 2019, the Ellipal wallet has continued to grow to support more than 10 000 crypto coins and tokens, with customers in more than 140 countries, including the United States. 

Right out of the box, you can mistake this wallet for a smartphone as its aluminum alloy body measures 118 * 66 * 9.7mm, and comes with a 3.97 inch LCD display, plus a 5MP camera at the back. Not to worry, though; all these features make the hardware wallet safe and easy to use in your crypto business. More on these later!

b) KeepKey

ellipal titan vs keepkey: keepkey in use

The KeepKey wallet is another hardware wallet you can use. It is cheaper than the Ellipan Titan wallet, but it may not come with some security features you get with the Ellipan offer. 

Keepkey was founded in 2015 by Darin Stanchfield but was later bought in 2017 by Shapeshift, a non-custodial crypto exchange company. Headquartered in the United States, KeepKey is a reliable wallet that supports over 1000 cryptocurrency assets and can be used in many countries. 

The KeepKey wallet is smaller than the Ellipan Titan and resembles a USB drive. However, it also comes with an aluminum alloy back while the front is a digital display. While the wallet is good for cold storage, it is not air-gapped like the Ellipan Titan, so you need to connect it to another device to complete transactions.

Ellipal Titan Vs. KeepKey Wallet Features

Not sure which hardware wallet will suit your cryptocurrency needs? Let us see which wallet has the better security, useability, and support features. 

a) Cold Storage

All crypto exchanges and users who have lost crypto assets in the past had lax security measures. In the world of cryptocurrencies and wallets, security refers to how well assets are kept away from hackers and fraudsters. 

If you are new to crypto, you need a hardware wallet that keeps your blockchain keys offline. This type of crypto storage is called cold storage, a feature you need to look for in all wallets and exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, Crypto.Com, and Kraken, among others.

All hardware wallets like the Ellipal Titan and KeepKey offer cold storage because they store your keys in an offline device. But, before you buy any, you need to understand that the wallet needs to connect to the blockchain for any crypto transaction, and the blockchain is often accessed online. 

So, how do you guarantee your wallet will offer 100% cold storage? The best way to determine the better wallet between these two options is by looking at how they connect to the blockchain. 

The Ellipal Titan wallet takes the win in this regard; it does not need a wired or wireless connection to connect to the blockchain. Instead, you will scan QR codes with the wallet and smartphone at various transaction stages. Furthermore, QR codes cannot be hacked since they travel through light. As a result, this wallet keeps your crypto keys and portfolio completely isolated from the world.

On the other hand, the KeepKey wallet guarantees good cold storage, although you must connect it to your PC through a USB cable to access your crypto blockchain. While you connect the wallet to your computer, it still protects your keys and portfolio from malware attacks and hackers. That said, you need to keep your wallet in a very safe place, and if possible, only use it with a private computer with a private Wi-Fi connection.

The Ellipal Titan is the better option of the two because you can only use it with one smartphone at a time. In addition, QR codes ensure your private key and seed phrase are never entered on a computer online, where a dedicated hacker can read keystrokes and more. 

b) User Interface

When looking for a hardware wallet, it is best to understand how easy to use it is when making transactions. The user interface is an important feature that allows you to visually verify transactions before completing them. 

The Ellipal Titan and the KeepKey wallet have digital screens that display numbers and letters. However, the Ellipal Titan has a bigger display that resembles a smartphone, making it easier to use than KeepKey’s smaller display. 

c) Privacy

As you know, a hardware wallet stores your public and private keys. These keys to your blockchain address allow you to modify and track your entire portfolio. However, since they affect how safe your investment is, a wallet needs to keep your details private. 

The Ellipal Titan and KeepKey wallets allow you to set the best security measures with PINs and seed phrases. 

When setting up your Ellipal Titan hardware wallet, you will set your preferred language, then choose to create, recover, or import an account. Then, you will need to set your 12-word seed phrase and PIN. Likewise, you will also set a private PIN and 12-word seed phrase on your KeepKey. 

d) Design

For a hardware wallet to keep your assets offline, you need to also look at how it’s designed. Design, including features like ports and buttons, dictates how easy it is to complete transactions with the wallet and an additional device. In addition, the design can also tell you how hack-proof a wallet is. 

When comparing the Ellipan Titan and KeepKey hardware wallets, the former guarantees better safety through design. It offers reliable security through its anti-tamper design, while both wallets guarantee better safety through an anti-assembly body design.

With the anti-tamper design, Ellipan protects your blockchain keys if an unauthorized person tries to guess your PIN or seed phrase. With this design, the hardware wallet self-destructs when the sensor reads the wrong PIN or phrase. As a result, it clears all data on the wallet, so you also can’t use it to access the blockchain. Fortunately, you can recover your account by using the seed phrase when setting up a new Ellipan Titan wallet. 

The anti-assembly design guarantees better security, especially before setting up your account. This design lets you spot marks on the wallet’s body, such as scruff marks that can indicate someone tried to open the wallet and manipulate the software. Both wallets come with aluminum alloy body construction, making any attempt to open it visible. 

e) Support

Since hardware wallets keep your crypto investment safe offline, choosing one that can consolidate your entire portfolio in one place will be better. This means you find a wallet that supports many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. In addition to coins, you also want a wallet that supports other assets like tokens and NFTs. 

The Ellipal Titan wallet again proves to be the better option because it supports over 10 000 cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets compared to KeepKey’s 1000. 

In addition to crypto support, Ellipal Titan might also be available in more countries compared to KeepKey. For example, Ellipal Titan is available in more than 140 countries, while KeepKey does not specify its supported countries.

It is ideal to understand in which countries you can use a wallet so you can complete transactions before traveling. 

f) Portability

If you travel very often, you will need to find a portable wallet you can use on the move. While the Ellipal Titan and KeepKey wallets are fairly portable, the latter is more portable due to its smaller size. 

g) Mobile support

Mobile support is another feature to look for in a hardware wallet, especially if you like to complete transactions on the move. The Ellipal Titan and KeepKey wallets have excellent mobile support, where the former connects to your smartphone using QR codes and the latter through Wi-Fi. 

But, if you want the most secure mobile connection, we’d advise you to get the Ellipal Titan wallet that uses QR codes to complete transactions. The QR code connectivity is ultimately safer than KeepKey’s internet connection since Wi-Fi connections can be hacked. 

h) Compatibility

When choosing a hardware wallet, you need an option you can use with different devices. In this case, the KeepKey is the better option as it is compatible with PCs and Android smartphones. 

On the other hand, though the Ellipal Titran wallet is only compatible with smartphones, it also works with iPhones, compared to KeepKey’s only Android compatibility.

i) Price

The price is the last comparison you can consider for your best wallet between the KeepKey and Ellipal Titan. 

The Titan is one of the most expensive wallets in the market, retailing at around $139, while the KeepKey, being a cheaper wallet, retails at around $49. 

Why You Should Choose Ellipal Titan

Hardware wallets are very secure and reliable options when you want to keep your portfolio offline. As a result, hackers and fraudsters cannot access your assets even if they hacked your crypto exchange accounts. 

Are you looking to choose one option between the Ellipal Titan and KeepKey wallets? We recommend getting the Ellipal Titan wallet for these reasons:

  1. It is an air-gapped wallet, meaning you do not need to connect it to another device when using it. As a result, it is the safest option since it won’t get affected by malware or compromised wireless connections. 
  2. It has the most secure design. This wallet is big and thus easy to store and locate, and it also comes in an anti-tamper design. This design guarantees only you can access the blockchain using the wallet. So, if someone tried accessing your account without your PIN and smartphone’s QR scanner, the wallet would self-destruct to prevent further losses. 
  3. It has a bigger display. The 3.97-inch LCD screen makes it easy to set your privacy features and confirm crypto transactions. 
  4. It supports more cryptocurrency assets and even comes with an extra SD card to support a large crypto portfolio.
  5. You can use it in more countries, thus your best option when you travel. 

Featured image source: forbes.com

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